The cost for the pet wash is $10 for 10 minutes time

Don't Clog Your Home's Drains With Dog Fur

Bring your best furry friend to a pet wash station in Quincy, IL instead

Maybe your dog has been rolling around in the mud, or maybe he's just a little smelly. Either way, it's easier than ever to give him a bath at Red Roof Auto and Pet Wash in Quincy, IL. Our self-service pet wash is located in an enclosed room with heating and air conditioning for your pup's comfort. It also features a blow dryer to make sure your pet is warm and dry before heading home.

No appointments required. Drive up to our pet wash station today.

Help your pet look and feel their best

At our pet wash station, you'll find everything you need to help your pup put their best paw forward, including:

Tearless shampoo
Oatmeal shampoo
Flea and tick shampoo
Standard shampoo
Pet deodorizer

Pamper your pet with a thorough cleaning at our self-service pet wash in Quincy, IL.