Everything You Need in One Convenient Location

Explore our car wash plans and more in Quincy, IL


Ice and water vending: We offer a convenient 8 pound ice dispenser that can fill directly to your cooler or into the bags we offer. We also offer premium filtered water dispensed into your personal one or five gallon container.

Vending: Get your snacks, beverages, car care products and gift cards from the vending machine(credit cards and cash) in front of the building.

Gift Cards: Get $13 auto wash and $10 Pet Wash gift cards from our vending machine in front of the building.

Vacuums: We have 2 "Super Duper" vacs in front that take credit cards, paper bills and quarters and offer shampoo and air freshener spray. We have 3 basic vacs in the rear of the building that only takes quarters.

Fleet Programs: We offer fleet discounts and monthly billing options for fleets with more than 10 cars. Please call us at 217 277 9275 for more details.